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Ghost City

Collectif : CK2G
Artwork: Bruno CLOCHARD
Video: Patrick GUILLOT

This audio-visual object – or more precisely, « musicalo-graphic », is in a poetic correspondence that we hope to be exact with the 9 paintings in the series « Ghost City », by photographer-artist Bruno Clochard. These paintings are the origin of the project that we present here.

The first “motive” of these images (in the sense of “what motivates”) is linked to the appearance of the Covid19, with these masks, the confinement, the cities that, little by little, are emptying, these thousands of very real deaths, and the digitization of our humanity forced to march… These are ghost towns!

A second motif is to be found in the Rhone Valley, where Bruno Clochard lives, in this place called the Valley of Chemistry & Nucleé! This valley is just as murderous by its atoms, which one day will explode: millions of deaths in a snap of a finger… Ghost cities!

The paintings are the product of a work of «digital painting» on computer, from digital photographs realized in roaming in the Rhone Valley and on the heights of Condrieu. These 9 paintings provoked the composition, by Kitusai and Guska, of 9 pieces of music. Then, Patrick Guillot assembled paintings and music in the particular space-time of ‘animated images’…

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